A Taste for Cherries

Kyle Will STOP at NOTHING to CONQUER his newest CHERRY

The Story That Launched A Career....

A Taste for Cherries
...a tale of selfish lust run amok

...The kid made a sound like a big cat going for the kill and lunged.

Kyle expected the attack and before the kid knew what hit him, he was deftly knocked to the floor. Kyle climbed on top, pinning him face down.

"Get off me!"

"Shut up," Kyle said almost too calmly, before wrapping his arm around the kids neck, effectively ending the vocal protests.

As they lay there with their bodies pressed firmly together, the kid continued to struggle a little. His ass, covered only by thin cotton, seemed to wiggle lasciviously. Kyle felt his woodie growing. It throbbed between the cheeks of the kid; he stopped struggling.

"Now listen, then I'll let you up. Cool?"

The kid nodded.

Kyles dick throbbed.

"I did fuck her - once. But it was a long time ago, before she knew you. It didn't mean anything. All I'm trying to say is don't get all caught up with one bitch−"

His dick throbbed again.

"−Hos come and go, but friends like me are always here for you−"


"−To help you out−"


"−And give you want you need, on the low. You feelin' me?"

The kid nodded again; his ass muscles clenched.

Throb, throb.

The passion was building to the point of no return.  He wanted to fuck the boy right there.  It would not be the wisest thing to do because someone could walk in at any moment. But good sense and lust did not mix well; like oil and water, one always rose to the top.  As Kyle's dick pulsated, his good judgment sank like a stone.

The kid had a tattoo of a dragon on his back.  Kyle brushed his lips lightly across the elaborate design, breathing in the aroma of salty flesh.  He released his grip, but the kid did not seem to be in a hurry to get up  in fact, his eyes were closed.  Kyle sensed acquiescence; he knew that he could fuck him right then and there.

It had taken weeks to get to this point.  Weeks of dropping sexual innuendo designed to intrigue the mind; weeks of showering in adjacent stalls and sharing Kyle's Versace shower gel to aromatically intrigue the senses; weeks of well-placed touches designed to desensitize him to the stroke of a masculine hand; weeks of sharing exhausted moments in the locker room, too weak to speak, too tired to do anything but sit together and silently bond. 

All this was a part of Kyle's usual plan, his modus operandi, to silently seduce an outwardly straight young man, his cherry of the minute.....