Cheesy Porn...and Other Fairytales

Firstly, its the title of one of the stories in the collection - where Danté recalls his first encounter with a porno theatre when he was only sixteen.  

The tsunami of sensations he experienced and later described as his "very first high" sent Danté on a decades-long pursuit of that high.  Snippets from those decades are in Dancing with the Devil, the book that introduced the obsessive and horny Danté to the world.  Cheesy Porn peeps Danté in grammar school, the whimsical birth of his obsessive nature and the suspicion that one day he just may keep a hot boy chained in his basement.  


Speed - I can always count on that one thing.

Well, aside from getting straight A's without really trying and my gift for identifying any flying insect simply by the shape and color of its wings, speed is my greatest skill.  I can run like a cheetah - fast and ferocious with the wind on my fangs and that wildlife dude filming my coolness.  At times I dream about it.  I am doing it right now.  Thinking about it makes me faster.

I am not on Wild Discovery chasing Bambi, or whatever it is that cheetahs chase.  I'm not chasing anything.  I'm running for my life.  If they catch me, they will grind my face into the pavement like they did last week.  I cannot have my glasses broken again.  My mother would kill me.

There are three boys named Dean in my elementary school.  All are popular.  All make silly girls giggle on sight.  I learned some things from my quiet observations: that all Deans are cool, all Deans are cute, and that one day, when I'm old and in high-school, I will change my name to Dean.

Dean number one never looks at me.  No one does really.  I have an ability to disappear in a crowd, even a crowd of two.  It is my natural cheetah camouflage.  Anyway, I followed him and his group around P.S. #15 so much that I knew his daily routine better than he did.  He never noticed his additional fan bringing up the rear, ducking behind water fountains, lockers, and goofy science project displays.

I studied him.

   I watched him pee.

He saw me that time but didn't mind.  I felt special because no one else was allowed to watch.  I know this because he checked under all the stalls first.  I watch the other Deans also, but Dean number one is special.

There was one place where my camouflage did not work.  My cheetah legs were exposed and the gymnasium was cold.  Gym class was like hell with sawhorses and basketball hoops, and my teacher was the devil in blue stretch-pants....

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